Service Agreements

Dear Homeowner,
In our combined 40 years of service, we have found many reasons for air conditioning failure. The single biggest reason is lack of maintenance. As compared to a car that only runs while you are in the seat, an air conditioner in the Florida Keys runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, approximately 9 months of the year. Car owners take their cars for regular maintenance; oil changes, brakes, tune-ups, etc., but air conditioning owners generally do not give their units a second thought until they break down. We believe that with bi-annual maintenance, unit efficiency will increase while senseless breakdowns will decrease.
For a very reasonable price, our maintenance agreement provides you with regular system upkeep. We will visit your house twice a year and perform the following:

1.    Refrigerant Level check

2.    Disconnect Switch inspection

3.    Condenser Coil cleaning

4.    Condensate Line clearing (We cannot guarantee that a foreign object will not re-clog line.

5.    Starting Capabilities test

6.    Measurement of Compressor Amp Draw to specifications

7.    Electrical Motor Performance measurement

8.    Measurement of capacitors to be within specifications

9.    Safety Controls test

10.  Inspection of main switching relay for arching or pitting

11.  Lubrication of motors as needed

12.  Check and adjustment of thermostat calibration

13.  Check and tightening of high voltage connections

14.  Check and tightening of control wiring and connections

15.  Check air flow

16.  Check of air filter condition and size

17.  Measurement for proper air temperature readings

18.  Inspection of duct connections at unit

19.  Inspection of piping to be free of vibration or wear

20.  Check of outdoor fan motor bearing wear

21.  Monitoring for proper operation

**Even though we will check/change filter during planned maintenance visits, homeowner is responsible for changing filter monthly.

Along with above services, you will also receive:

1. A 10% discount on all other service calls

2. No overtime charges

3. Priority service
The agreement expires one year after the date it is purchased and provides two planned check-ups during that year – one in the spring and one in the fall. It is designed to meet or exceed all manufacturer and extended warranty requirements for system maintenance and surpasses the Federal Government Energy Star recommendations.

The price schedule is as follows:

One system…$210

Additional systems…additional $105 each

Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns at 305-289-9515. We sincerely look forward to continuing our relationship.